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  • Our Story
“CHAND PARIVAR FOUNDATION" (CPF) is a Non -Governmental Charitable Trust registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 having its registered office in Mumbai (Registration Number - MAH/427/15/T).

The objectives are to connect, develop infrastructures for community developments, skills developments, health care and empowering youths to Learn, Lead and Create.

Mission & Vission

"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills". That's exactly what CPF vision is all about, bringing out change by empowering youth, building success pillars for future. We, Chands, don't believe in reading history rather we believe in creating ones. We have a very practical and clear vision of bringing out the change that we have thought of – Learn, Lead and Create. They are not just the three words but a success mantra as a whole.

  • We believe education empowers people to overcome social evils and uplifting human values.
  • We believe in people participation as “alone we can do so little but together we can do so much”.
  • We believe in transparency and accountability for the work we do.

1) It is said that "United we stand, divided we fall".
2) Any community cannot stand with their vision unless it gets support from all.
3) That is why our mission is to connect more and more Chands to accomplish our vision.
4) In today's technology world, there are so many medium such as WhatsApp, Facebook to reach out to people which helps in sharing our ideas, helping them to understand the motto.
5) Keeping this in mind, we have created WhatsApp group and Facebook page which currently consists of 2800+ members.
6) In order to bring out social and economic progress in our community, it is very important for us to get connected to CPF.
7) We have a plan of developing Community Development Centre where cultural events will be held which will ultimately help to connect Chands and will become a medium of revenue generation which in turn will be used towards our vision accomplishment.
8) So, come and join us. Let's show out to the world that we are one of the best community rather a family, a really big family of all Chands where each one of us contribute to the development of CPF, development of society.

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CPF will provide a supporting hand to the young Chands who are capable of doing out of the box, capable of holding good degrees. For underprivileged Chands students per their capability, CPF will try to find out the way out for achieving their goals.



"Plant the fruit of success by your own seeds otherwise someone else will taste it". Unlike other communities, CPF will promote those Chand youths capable of leading other Chands. We have a vision of creating our own infrastructure where we will promote our own Chand...



We, CPF, believe in creating a history by creating a community where each individual is a family, each is given equal opportunity to flourish. It is not hypothetical to create such a community; rather it just requires a mere commitment to do so, a positive attitude of ...